Sunday School Manual

Sunday School

Out of the 62 Baptist Conventions in Africa, only 5 conventions in five countries produce their own literature. Another 5 conventions adapt the translated editions. The rest do not have literature to grow believers to maturity in their faith.

With this situation, AABF has worked with conventions like the Nigerian Baptist Convention to rework and adapt her 2015 Adult Education materials and devotionals. The materials were translated to other languages like Amharic.

For the year 2016, AABF worked with other conventions to develop their own materials by organizing training programs for writers from different regions. This has brought a milestone in literature production in places where they were not available. For example, the Baptist Convention in Kenya has been able to produce its own Sunday School manual for the year 2016 with the support of the AABF.

You can support the production of literature in Africa by donating your gifts. Find out here.


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