Some African Leaders are Suffering from ‘AIDS’ – Okwakol

Dr. Michael Okwakol

The outgone President of All Africa Baptist Fellowship, Dr. Michael Okwakol has said that some African leaders are suffering from ‘AIDs’. He said this while giving his opening speech at the AABF General Assembly held at Trinity Baptist Church, Accra Ghana in the month of August.

Okwakol, who is also a Vice President of the Baptist World Alliance said many African leaders suffer from Acquired Influence Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) as a result of losing their influence with the people they lead. He said such leaders only seek leadership positions for benefits and privileges attached to them.

“They will fight tooth and nail to get positions and as a result, they end up using their power to stay in the positions. Or they have become professional leaders who will stand for every position available. You see their names on every committee, sub –committee, sub-sub- committee. They cannot be anybody apart from being in a position of leadership,” he said.

He added that not every Tom, Dick and Harry is an effective leader. He said effective leaders make things happen. They neither mess history no mark history but make history. According to him, those who make history are those who create monuments for celebration.

“They build monuments for others and recognize what other leaders, who have gone before, have done.”

He described these leaders as those who have sold out to Christ and not those who are after what they can get but what they can give.

The opening ceremony of the Assembly was attended by various heads of Christian groups in Ghana as well as the wife of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Madam Matilda Amistad Aurthur. Also in attendance were the President of BWA Rev. Dr. Paul Msiza and General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Neville Callam.


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