Meet The President



I am praying that the few moments you are going to spend with us here will be rewarding and informative.
As President of AABF, I am delighted that people like you care and have concern for our Fellowship as Baptists and the church in Africa as a whole. As we enter another quinquinium of service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I want to extend special greetings to my Baptist family in Africa. As we look to the future we also want to ask: What are our opportunities that we need to grab? We need to grab the opportunity that the favor from God is shifting the spiritual tide to Africa. Africa is the hope for revival of the church. If Africa looses this opportunity then she is bound to return to her dark ages in a modern day.

Rejoicing in what we have been able to achieve and facing the entire feature, we must move forward looking unto Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, mission, and ministry. The future we must pray and strive for is a future of strong Conventions, Unions, and Ass

ociations with mature churches that are fulfilling God’s purposes in the world. These are churches where the Saints are equipped every day for the work of ministry. AABF is already a body of Christ united by His power and prayed for by the owner. All AA

BF has to do is to live up to this unity. This unity lived will become a power source for reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and for living lives worthy of His name. The manifestation of this unity is what the Lord is ready to bless for the world to see and seeing know there is a God to be trusted.  To live up to this unity will require maturity, which maturity we must, at all costs, build today. Let us go!

Looking forward to what God will unfold in Africa

Dr. Michael Okwakol,
President, AABF