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All Africa Baptist Fellowship (AABF) is one of the six regions of the Baptist World Alliance.

The Fellowship unites over fifteen million church members from sixty-two Conventions and Unions in thirty countries in Africa. AABF is sub-divided into five regions namely;

  • North Africa
  • East Africa
  • West Africa
  • Central Africa and
  • Southern Africa

God’s mandate to His Church is bigger than a man’s, a Convention’s, or a Union’s limited resources. Rather, it is a call for an unbroken relationship, collaboration, networking, and partnership. God’s call on African Baptists for unity at this critical time of our Christian history is cogent to our existence.

Today, there are many forces attempting to fragment the continent politically, economically, and religiously. Therefore, the call for a missional concerted effort is urgent and pertinent. Baptists in Africa must rise up to the occasion.

The Bible is clear about God’s methods of getting His work accomplished. One of these ways is either for Him to use an individual or a community of faith. But in this case, He wants to use All Africa Baptist Fellowship for the salvation of Africans and people in other lands.

Africans reaching out to Africans and people in other lands was the vision given to the founding fathers of AABF; when the Fellowship was established in 1982. The purpose of God for the Fellowship was clear to them; it was well stated and documented. It reads:

The mission of the AABF shall include the following:

  •     To network and partner with cooperating Conventions, Unions and Associations in Africa.
  •     To promote missions and evangelism of the peoples of Africa and beyond.
  •     To facilitate the planting of Baptist churches in every city, town, and villages in Africa.
  •      To promote and facilitate the social well-being of all peoples of Africa.

The clarion call to Baptists to unite in order to fulfill the Great Commission, Christ mandate, is imperative because of the challenges at hand. From the available statistics, the total population of Africa is 1,033,042,510. The percentage of Christians is 48.77% (503,742,508), Muslims 41.47% (428,397,774). source: Operation World.

You are invited to join AABF, your reliable network to over sixty Conventions and Unions in Africa. To fulfill the Great Commission in our time, we need your cooperation.


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