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  1. Good morning! May the peace of the Lord be with us all,
    I decided to write this about one of ur local church found at Menda, in Nkwen village in Bamenda town Cameroon. This particular church has been committing fraud to occupy people’s lands. Am not a land owner at the spot but have had the opportunity to study the crisis. I felt it’s a responsibility to inform somebody of this because it’s a damaging tool on the image of the church perpetrated by individuals in the church. They claim the land was giving to them by the Traditional Council of the village. This traditional council wrote a disclaimer and the objected sued this in the court n in court it was determined this letter was fake. But how the mission managed to use this same document to acquire a land certificate is questionable. They are now carrying out destruction on people’s property and forcefully occupying and using these properties including a house. God this is not what is expected of a church and this public spectacular of a dark image is not a proper image for the Church of Christ.
    Please I pray you talk to your brethren to do the right thing and settle this amicably before something else develops. If you need more information I could furnish please. may the blessings and peace of the Lord be upon us. Thanks

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