Central Africa


Rev Dr Kakule Molo
Rev Dr Kakule Molo, Chairperson Central Africa Subregion

The Central Africa Sub-Region comprises the following countries: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo and Gabon. But only the Churches from the three countries listed below have been participating in the life of AABF and BWA.  Angola has also been joining the Central Africa Sub-Region even though geographically it belongs to Southern Africa.  Probably the reason is that the Baptist Churches in Angola have had more ties with Baptist Churches in the DR Congo.

Member Churches:


  1. Baptist Community in Central Africa (CBCA)
  2. Baptist Community of the Congo River (CBFC)
  3. Baptist Community of Western Congo (CBCO)
  4. Community of Baptist Churches in Eastern Congo (CBCE)
  5. Community of Baptist Churches Union of Congo (CUEBC)
  6. Community of Baptist Churches in North Congo (CBNC)
  7. Community of Autonomous Baptist Churches Wamba-Bakali (CEBWB)
  8. Community of United Baptist Churches (CEBU)
  9. Union of Baptist Churches in Congo (UEBCO)


  1. Association of Baptist Churches of Central African Republic
  2. Baptist Churches Union
  3. EvangelicalBaptistChurch of Central African Republic
  4. Fraternal Union of Baptist Churches


  1. Cameroon Baptist Convention
  2. NativeBaptistChurch of Cameroon
  3. Union of Baptist Churches in Cameroon


Chairperson of the Sub-Region: Rev Dr Kakule Molo Tel 00243990903157

Vice-Chairperson:  Rev. Esaie Foungala

Secretary: Rev Albert Lume Efase