Women’s Department

Baptist Women Union Of Africa

Joina DhlulaJoina Dhlula, President BWUA


Greetings from the Baptist Women’s Union of Africa (BWUA). Our theme for the next five years is Arise, Shine. ( Isaiah 60v1). BWUA is composed of 41 women’s organisations in a total of 45 countries across the continent.

Our major events in the department include the following:

Africa Day of prayer – first Thursday of February each year

World Day of prayer  – first Monday of  November each year

BWUA sub regional conferences – every two years and one

Continental conference – every five years

As Baptist women celebrate the two days of prayer, they indulge in intercession and giving. The executive committee is elected every five years. Below are the current officers of the BWUA:

Joina Dhlula            –   President

Bridgitte Anadara    –   Vice President

Marthe Ekollo         –   Secretary

Sipiwe Mlambo       –   Treasurer

Olivia Hill               –    Organ of news editor

Rose Jabani           –    Southern Africa

Jane Olaki             –    East Africa

Annie Ponzi           –   Central Africa

Felicite Onibon       –   West Africa


President’s Contact

Cell no: 00263 774897065

Email address: joinadhlula@gmail.com